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Creat Studios Inc

 Creat Studios Inc., founded in 1990, is a premier publisher and developer of current and next-generation online, console and handheld games. Creat Studios develops and publishes titles for Sony PSP, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSiWare, Wii, Microsoft XBOX 360, iOS and Android.

About The Project

 Brainwell is a mobile app designed to create a cognitive exercise regimen that continually customizes to your needs. I joined the Creat team as a game artist but had the opportunity to contribute in many different ways. I designed all mobile and web screen layouts and mock ups while aiding in the implementation of all graphics, UI and animation into the Unity game engine. I created a large majority of the graphics and animation seen in the app on both web and mobile platforms. I also worked closely with the marketing and web teams to ensure Brainwell design standards were maintained across all platforms and media. It was released for Android and iOS in late 2015 and has 250,000+ downloads to date.

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Final Art Samples