A guide to watching Wisconsin football in 2018 and beyond.

Read More , which is currently streaming on Netflix, will be available on October 1.

While the NCAA and the Big Ten have not officially announced a schedule for the new season, the Big 12 has announced that it will not play a home game until 2021.

The Big 12 will hold its first conference championship game in 2021, and its first game will be at the Big Dance in 2019.

The Big Ten is the only conference that is not expected to be scheduling a home football game until 2019.

The conference also announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with the NCAA to stream all conference home games on Netflix starting on October 9.

The game between the Badgers and Minnesota Golden Gophers will be shown live on ESPN, which has not made an official announcement of its schedule for 2019.

Minnesota will be hosting Wisconsin in 2020.