With a number of players returning from the 2017 season, Rutgers is back in the mix for a potential top 25 recruit in 2018.

With a strong 2017 recruiting class, Rutgers head coach Chris Ash has been on a recruiting tear, with the Scarlet Knights currently ranking second in the nation in 247Sports’ recruiting rankings.

With this year’s class featuring 11-stars such as defensive end Joey Bosa, wide receiver Rolan Milligan, defensive back Justin Crawford, cornerback Tyree Robinson, linebacker Deon Staley, and offensive tackle Kofi Adebayo, Rutgers currently has three prospects that will be ranked on this list.

However, it will be interesting to see how much weight these players will receive this year in terms of ranking.

As of right now, it looks like the defensive end and wide receiver are likely the top two recruits, but the rest of the recruits will have a significant amount of weight on their shoulders.

That being said, both of these players have been very highly touted in the recruiting class and it is not a stretch to believe that they will be one of the top recruits in the class.

The top defensive end in the country, Joey Boselli, is rated as a five-star prospect by 247Sports.

In addition to that, his brother, Trey, is also a five star prospect, which would make him the second-highest rated defensive end on the board.

He is rated a four star prospect by Scout and Scout has him ranked as the top defensive lineman in the state of New Jersey.

While there are some very good prospects that the defensive ends of the 2017 class, it is important to note that some of these prospects are not necessarily top-rated recruits, as Trey Robinson and Tyree Robins are rated as five-stars.

The only one of these three who is rated higher is defensive end Tyree Robertson, who is a five stars recruit.

While Trey Robinson is rated the highest rated recruit in the 2018 class, he is not the only one that is very highly rated in the 2017 recruiting cycle.

There are also some very strong prospects that are rated higher than Trey Robinson, including linebacker Jalen Hurd, defensive end Justin Crawford and cornerback Tyrell Harris.

These players are ranked as five stars in the 247Sports Composite and they are all rated at the top of the class by 247.

The other two defensive ends are also highly rated recruits that are not as high as Trey Robins or Jalen Harris.

Linebacker Corey Jones, who has already committed to Rutgers, is a four-star recruit.

He also is rated by Scout as the highest-rated defensive lineman on the team.

While it is a surprise to see the defensive tackle, Jalen Hopkins, rated a three-star in the Class of 2019, it could be seen as a positive.

He could very well be the next great defensive tackle at Rutgers.

Rutgers linebacker Tyrell Hurd is rated four stars by Scout.

While he is very high in the rankings, he could also be seen in a class where the class is ranked lower than the class that he is currently committed to.

If this were to happen, he would likely rank higher than any of the other linebackers in the 2019 class, which is a huge compliment to Rutgers.

If Trey Robinson were to commit to Rutgers in 2019, he may very well end up with a spot on this class, as he is the first defensive lineman that the Scarlet Knight has recruited since the 2016 recruiting cycle when they drafted JUCO transfer Brandon Johnson.

If Robinson does end up leaving Rutgers, it would be very unlikely that he would be able to play in the NFL next season.

While he is a top recruit, it should not be forgotten that the other five defensive linemen that are currently on the roster are very high-rated.

The three players that are ranked four stars or higher by Scout are defensive end Trey Robertson, linebacker Jalon Lewis, and cornerback Dontrell Jones.

These three defensive linemen have been rated as four-stars by Scout, Scout has them ranked as four stars, and Scout also has them rated as one star by Scout on 247Sports as well.

These three are currently ranked as high-ranked recruits as they are in the top five, and they should be considered top-tier prospects by Rivals, Scout, and 247Sports in terms that they have the potential to be the best players in the 2020 class.

The other four are all highly ranked prospects that could be considered the top four players in this class.

In terms of recruiting depth, the recruiting process at Rutgers has been a major focus for the team this year, and that is due to the fact that the coaching staff is very well versed in the various recruiting philosophies.

With that being said the staff has a number to work with to determine what is the ideal recruiting strategy for each player.This means