Michigan football players will be banned from attending games if they do not change their apparel and the NCAA has begun to crack down on student protesters.

The Wolverines players were reportedly forced to wear sweatshirts and masks during their home opener against Georgia Tech on Friday night after they did not comply with the rule. 

“It’s a rule change that would be a big deal for Michigan,” ESPN’s Mike Farrell said on Friday.

“This is a rule that would put a damper on the Michigan football team and would have a big impact on their chances of winning the Big Ten championship.” 

However, the Wolverines, who finished the season 9-4, could face a fine and loss of scholarships if they don’t comply.

“I think this is a big mistake for the NCAA,” said Michigan coach Brady Hoke.

“I think it’s a huge mistake for Michigan football.

It’s a big problem that’s being taken away from Michigan football.”

 Farrell said that he believed the NCAA had made a “huge mistake” by not implementing the rule change.

“They are not enforcing that rule,” Farrell said.

“And that’s really bad for Michigan.”

“I don’t want the Wolverine football team to wear a shirt that says, ‘We’re going to go home,'” he said.

Farrell and others have called for the change to be implemented during Michigan’s home games against Iowa and Northwestern, as well as at Michigan’s game against Wisconsin.

The NCAA announced that it would suspend Michigan for the home game against Georgia on Friday, which would have put the Wolveriums on the NCAA probationary list.

The NCAA has not yet announced the sanction against Michigan.

On Friday, the NCAA released the following statement: The NCAA will suspend Michigan football for the 2014 season for violation of the NCAA rule that requires all student-athletes and student-coach staff to wear helmets, face shields and other personal protective equipment at all times during all football games.

Michigan has been the subject of numerous media reports that indicate the team has been forced to abandon its helmet policy after it was ordered to comply with a new rule from the NCAA.

The new rule requires that students wearing headgear that is “not designed for safety” wear helmets that meet the NCAA standard for safety.

Michigan’s next home game is scheduled for Nov. 17 against Northwestern.