Gopher fans can now bid on their favorite football players jerseys and helmets, and now the NFL is making the bidding process more interactive.

The NFL is taking advantage of the Gopher Football Twitter account to allow fans to bid on player jerseys, which are typically auctioned off on NFL auction sites, and the team has also created a “Gopher NFL Bidding” page on the team’s website that allows players and fans to share their thoughts on what they want for their favorite player jerseys.

“We want our fans to be able to take part in the process and have an impact,” said Mike Schad, Gopher senior director of marketing.

The Gopher Twitter account is an integral part of the NFL’s social media strategy.

It has been used by players and coaches, with teams typically tweeting about upcoming contests, with a goal of engaging with fans in a positive manner.

Bid on a jersey is similar to bidding on tickets on StubHub or other major ticket sites, where people are expected to make a bid on tickets in the order they are listed.

This is one of many ways the NFL and the Gophers are trying to make the bidding and auction process more engaging.

Gopher fans have become very active in their social media accounts in recent years, with thousands of fans sharing their thoughts and opinions on sports and other topics on Twitter.

This year, there has been a significant spike in interest in the team, which has grown by 10 percent since last season.

Schad said the NFL wanted to reach out to Gopher supporters to encourage them to be more engaged with their favorite teams and to help them share their views and opinions with other fans.

“They want to engage their fans and make it as easy as possible for them to participate,” he said.

The NFL has made some of its biggest moves in the last year with a $500 million television contract with the University of Minnesota.

The team is also in the midst of a contract with DirecTV, which will be used to stream Gopher games for free.