TUC footballers will be working with the ‘Greatest Good’ campaign to raise money for cancer research, the union has announced.

Footballers have been invited to join a campaign called ‘Greaters Good’ to raise funds for cancer charity the Cancer Research UK.

The charity, which is supported by the Premier League and Major League Soccer, says it aims to provide support to people affected by cancer.

‘The TUC Footballers’ Association is delighted that the Footballers will participate in this campaign to help support the great charity the cancer research UK, said Martin Little, General Secretary of the TUC.

‘As footballers we have an opportunity to contribute to an organisation which aims to help people affected with cancer, and we know that cancer is a very serious and debilitating disease, with the death rate in the UK now reaching a staggering 100,000 a year.’

It is our duty to support the work of the Cancer Service, as well as the thousands of people who are already suffering in silence because of this disease, and to make a difference.

‘We want footballers to feel comfortable in our own skin, and be able to support other people with cancer through the support of this campaign.

‘These footballers are the ultimate ambassadors of the cause, and they will be part of the Greater Good campaign.’

The footballers, along with thousands of others who play in the Championship, will be giving their time and support to the charity’s cancer mission through their appearances in the upcoming UEFA Champions League Final and the upcoming Champions League Quarter-Final.’

The TUC said its footballers’ involvement will go beyond just the football match and will help raise funds to support cancer research.

‘Footballers are not just about football, but are part of a much wider and deeper campaign which is working to tackle the causes of cancer, tackling the root causes and providing support to those affected.’

Footballers play an integral role in the fight against cancer.

We will be supporting the work that is being done by the Cancer Society, by helping to raise awareness of cancer and by working with charities that are helping to support those affected by the disease.’

We also believe that footballers should have an even greater role to play in our society, through their participation in fundraising campaigns, in supporting charities and through supporting research into the causes and treatments of cancer.’

With the Cancer Science Trust’s £1.5 million grant to Cancer Research, we are committed to supporting charities which provide important support to cancer research.’

Footballers from the Championship will play in all the top-flight competitions, including the Europa League and Europa League Quarter Finals, and will play for clubs including Blackburn Rovers, Derby County and Cardiff City.

TUC chairman Paul Little said: ‘The Footballers are an extraordinary footballing group, who are doing the world a great service by joining us in this great cause.’

They will not only be giving back to the Cancer Trust, but will also be contributing to other charities that have been working tirelessly to improve the lives of cancer patients.’TUC Football Players are not only an important role model for the game, but they will also benefit from their involvement, and I believe that their contribution will make a real difference to those involved.’