OU football is back.

OU football.

That’s it.

OU is back, and its return to the football field is going to be spectacular.

OU’s first home game since 2012 is on Saturday against the Kansas State Wildcats.

If you’re in Oklahoma, it’s probably the first time you’ve seen the team since the team’s 2016 season, when the Oklahoma State Cowboys beat the Wildcats in the Sugar Bowl.

The OU-Oklahoma game is one of the best football games of the season, because of its size, atmosphere, and talent.

OU quarterback Josh Rosen has already led OU to the national championship game, and the Soonners are one of two undefeated teams in the country right now.

The Sooners are also undefeated in their last five games.

Oklahoma is coming off a win against LSU and a loss to Oklahoma State, both of which the Soonets won, and they are on the cusp of winning their first national championship in five years.

It’s a long, hard road back.

Oklahoma’s first three wins came in the season-opener against Michigan State, which it beat in overtime.

OU won its next three games, including a 38-30 overtime victory against the Buckeyes, but the Soones got swept in their next game, a 38–0 loss to West Virginia.

The next four wins were wins over TCU, Texas Tech, Kansas State, and Baylor.

This is what OU has been missing, which is an edge rusher and the ability to win in a shootout.

Oklahoma plays in its second game of the regular season, and that game will be a shootout against Auburn.

Oklahoma has never won in its home opener, but this will be the first game since 2016 that OU plays in the Cotton Bowl.

This rivalry has been alive and well since the days of the Sugar and Rose Bowls, and it has become even more alive after OU’s victory over the Cowboys.

This will be an exciting matchup for Oklahoma fans.

This should be an entertaining game, too.

OU and Kansas State are coming off back-to-back victories, and OU should be able to rally behind its star quarterback.

But I don’t expect the Soonies to be as dynamic as they were last year, or as strong as they are this season.

I don the last two years of Oklahoma football, and I don a lot of the talent that has been on the team.

But it should be a very entertaining game.

The biggest thing that I expect is that they’ll come out with an offensive line that can do it all, that they can run it and pass it, and just run it out there.

That will be something that I’ll be watching for the whole game.

Oklahoma needs a win to go into its second straight bowl game.

That doesn’t happen easily, but OU is coming back, because I think that’s the only way OU can make this bowl game count.

It won’t happen without the offense.

It will happen without a lot, but it will happen with a lot.