Big Ten football fans and fans of the Pac-12 have a good sense of humour about the conference, but there’s also a sense of a lot of intrigue around the conference.

Here are the top five teams in the conference according to fans, and some other fun tidbits from the Pac 12.


Nebraska Cornhuskers The Cornhusker faithful are big fans of Nebraska, which is good news for the Huskers in a Big Ten season that might be the most challenging to predict for the Big 12.

Nebraska’s offense, led by quarterback Mason Rudolph, is the Big Six’s best, and it will be a big test for the Cornhusk’s defense.

If the Husker defense can hold up, this team will win every game.


Northwestern Wildcats The Wildcats are another Big Ten team that could surprise people.

They will be the conference’s second team to win a national title and could get a Big 12 bid as early as 2019.


Illinois Fighting Illini fans know what they are doing with their schedule.

They have been ranked No. 1 in every season since they moved to the Big 10 and they’ve only missed the postseason once since 2011.

That could change this season if they can finish with wins in five of their final six games, including the two against Michigan State and Michigan.


Michigan Wolverines Michigan fans should feel good about the Wolverines, but they are not in a great spot with the rest of the conference at the moment.

The Wolverines have been to three bowls since they joined the Big 20 and have not won a Big 10 title since 2002.

Michigan is expected to win at least one game in the Big Eight, but the Wolverins are not likely to get into the playoff race this year.


Ohio State Buckeyes There are so many factors that could impact Ohio State’s playoff chances, but a lot depends on how well the Buckeyes can get wins in the coming weeks against Michigan, Northwestern and Michigan State.

The Buckeyes could finish as the No. 4 seed in the playoff but fall short if they don’t win at Ohio Stadium.