With just three weeks to go until the US-China clash, and the final set to kick off in Los Angeles on Saturday, we’re giving you the best sports news from around the world as the US and China prepare for their first-ever clash in the World Cup.

First up: The US will face its biggest rival, the Chinese. 

In a match that is sure to be a test for US-based players, the US will likely face its toughest test of the World Series.

The US team is set to face its first test in the group stage, a game that will also be played in China. 

This will be the third game of the qualifying rounds, and while the US hasn’t had any major results in these games, this will be their first chance to start their campaign in a major tournament. 

The US is set for a tough start, and will have to make up ground as it goes into the match against China.

The Chinese have had a disappointing start to their 2018 World Series campaign, and have lost their opening game against Colombia in the opening group stage game against Honduras. 

With their chances of advancing looking slim, they have not been able to match their early performance, but they still have plenty of points to play for. 

For the US, the World Championships are not a game they want to lose.

The team is full of talented players, and a tough task awaits them on Saturday. 

US national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann will be looking to his team for the best performance in the final against China, as they look to build on the best results of the tournament so far. 

If the US team can get the results they did in their first game against Panama, they could very well be one of the best teams in the tournament.

The two teams are scheduled to meet in the quarter-finals of the 2018 tournament, and could very easily end up in the finals. 

A victory for the US on Saturday will be a big step in their quest for a first ever World Cup title. 

As of now, it’s unknown whether the US can qualify for the 2018 Final, but there’s a chance they could win the tournament and advance to the semi-finals. 

However, the team has a great chance to make history on Saturday if they can defeat China.