Posted April 25, 2019 11:05:00The best thing about a new recruit is when you know they’re going to be the guy for you.

It’s not always the case, though.

Sometimes a recruiter or a program sees something in a player and thinks they can take advantage of him.

That’s what happened with a former LSU player.

According to 247Sports Composite, the 6-foot-3, 240-pound linebacker from St. Petersburg, Florida, will go No. 10 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft.

His dad, James, told that his son, who was a member of the LSU Tigers from 2016-18, has impressed him in person.

James said he and his son have worked hard to keep their family in good hands.

When he visited LSU, James said his son told him that he was excited to be in Baton Rouge.

That was a great message, James added.

“He’s always been an extremely humble kid, and he’s always told us he’d give anything for us to win.

That’s how he really wants to be treated,” James said.

James added that he has seen a lot of things in his son that he liked.

His father is an avid hunter and has a passion for the outdoors.

“He knows a lot about the game, and it’s just been a really great experience for us,” James added, laughing.

James has also been involved in recruiting for LSU since the time he was a freshman.

He is still close with the family, he said, and said that James is a fan of LSU and that James can see a lot more from him now that he is a senior.

James said that LSU has a “great, long-term relationship” with him.

“We’re all a family.

We’re all in the same boat.

I don’t know how many times we’ve had to go through this, but that’s just how it is,” James explained.

James and his father have been “tough on each other” and “have been in a relationship for 20 years.”

James said that he and James’ family are “very close” and that they “have a good friendship.”

James and his family are close, but James said he hasn’t met his dad since last season.

James is one of several players who are expected to go No, 10 in the NFL Draft in June.

He said he expects to be a first-round pick, though he is not sure yet which team will take him.