After playing for a decade at Michigan State, some fans in the Spartan Stadium are dying to be back in the state of Michigan.

The stadium is home to the Spartans, who have won 10 conference championships in the last 10 years.

The Spartans were the first school in the country to ever win an SEC championship.

On Saturday, Michigan State played at Ohio State, and the fans showed their support with a chant and a big cheer.

Some fans were even wearing Michigan State jerseys.

The Spartans are in the Big Ten, but they’re in the final season of their contract with the Big East, which expires after this season.

Michigan State has the right to appeal the decision to the Big 12 and the Big 8.

The decision to leave the Big Eight and Big 12 will be made at the Big 11 meeting in Houston on Aug. 4.

The game was delayed because of the storm that hit New Orleans, Louisiana, on Thursday, leaving some fans unable to attend the game.

They were told they couldn’t watch the game online, and they had to come to a different location, ESPN reported.