The first week of the Big 12 was a big one for the Washington Post.

The paper had the top overall ranking for Week 1, and the paper’s rankings were a bit of a surprise.

But the paper didn’t win any awards, and it certainly didn’t get much traction.

But that didn’t stop the Post from having some fun with its Week 1 article.

For example, the paper included a picture of a big blue bullfrog that was captioned with the headline “I’ve been looking at the bullfrog.”

The Post’s Twitter feed was also a little playful with the frog, with the account calling it a “fantastic piece of work.”

But for most of the article, the Post was just having fun with the bullfish.

It took the Post a few days to figure out how to use the frog correctly, but the frog was a hit.

The Washington Post also took some time to look at its Twitter account, including some great photos.

The Post was also one of the first outlets to have a big splash in football this season, and there were plenty of highlights on the paper this week.

Here’s what you need to know.

Who won the Big Ten?

The Big Ten is not expected to award any conference championships this season.

Instead, the conference will award conference championships to the conference champions.

The Big 12 and Pac-12 are expected to win conference championships, too.

The Pac-10 will likely win the championship.

The rest of the conference was expected to be the conference with the best record.

The Associated Press, USA Today, AP, Sporting News, Sporting Intelligence, and CBS Sports all predicted the conference to win the conference.

The top three teams in each conference are the conference champion.

Which conference is in the hunt for the conference title?

The top team in each of the four conferences will go head-to-head in the first round of the championship round.

The winner of the tiebreaker will face the team that finished second in its conference in the regular season.

If the winner of that matchup is the conference’s top-ranked team, it will play the other conference’s best team in the second round.

Which team will be the champion in the title game?

The winner will face off against the top team from the conference in each round of championship round, except for the championship game, which will be played between the top two teams from each conference.

Which conferences has the best team?

The AP and Sporting News predicted that the conference had the best conference team, with both of those outlets also predicting that the Big East had the league’s best record this season (which it actually had).

The Washington Sports Writers Association named the Big Eight as the conference best team, while The Washington Times named the SEC the conference champ.

Which teams will be favored in the conference championship?

The Washington Herald predicted that No. 2 Alabama would win the SEC championship, while ESPN’s College GameDay predicted that Texas A&M would win it.

The Herald predicted the winner would be the team from Alabama’s home state of Alabama.

Which Big Ten teams are the favorites to win it all?

The College Football Playoff committee expects the Big 10 to be favored to win both conference titles.

The committee expects Oklahoma to win all five of its games, while the Pac-11 will be a favorite to win at least one of its six games.

The College Basketball Playoff committee has the Big 8 as a team that is expected to have the best regular-season record.

Which Pac-16 teams are in the running to win that conference?

The Associated School Sports predicted that UCLA would win both the Pac 12 and Big East, while USA Today predicted that Arizona would win one of those conferences.

The Arizona Republic also predicted that Stanford would win its conference.

USC was the only Pac-13 team to win a Pac-15 title.

Which schools are in contention to win Big Ten titles?

The Pac 12 is expected by the AP and USA Today to be in contention for a title.

The SEC is also expected by USA Today and the AP to be a contender.

The ACC is also in contention, though it is not predicted by either of those publications.

Which of these teams is in play for the Big Dance?

The ESPN/ESPN2 Coaches Poll is a prediction poll that takes into account the top-seeded teams from the first two weeks of the season.

The first poll was released on Dec. 31.

The other poll was launched on Dec, 23.

The ESPN Poll has the No. 1 team in college football in the preseason, but it does not take into account which teams are projected to win their respective conference titles in the final rankings.

The preseason Poll has No. 6 Alabama, No. 7 Ohio State, No, 8 LSU, No., 9 Oklahoma, No.; No. 10 Auburn, No; 11 Washington, No.* No. 12 Oregon, No 14