Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said Tuesday that the Redskins are on track to win the AFC East in 2016.

“We’re going to be the best team in the division,” Snyder said during an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd.

“We’re probably going to win.”

The Redskins have won six of the past seven games, and Snyder said he is “very confident” that he will be able to keep his team within striking distance.

“I think we’re on track,” Snyder added.

“I’m not worried about any teams in the league.

We’re going into the season with great confidence.”

The franchise’s owner has long said he plans to remain in the city for the duration of the NFL season, but the move to FedEx Field in mid-March is expected to be an adjustment.

“It’s a little bit different,” Snyder told Todd.

The move to the stadium has also created significant challenges for the franchise, which is trying to figure out how to fill an empty stadium in a new city.

The Redskins are not expected to open their new stadium until the second week of March, which will leave fans with the chance to watch the team play the Buffalo Bills, which have been struggling to close out the season.

In the past, the team has also faced a number of challenges to their stadium project, including the demolition of the old Redskins Stadium in 2017 and a delay of the project because of the Zika virus outbreak in the United States.

Snyder’s comments came just days after he said he expects the Redskins to be among the top-three teams in attendance in 2017.