The Ole Miss players and coaches are having some tough conversations about what it means to be a parent.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, which will air Monday, defensive end D.J. Swearinger and wide receiver Nick Marshall said their families are close and it has been a blessing to know each other.

Theirs is not a “hometown” or “college” situation, Marshall said, but they are comfortable in their own home.

Swearinger said he and his mother moved to the U.S. from Georgia when he was 10, and he grew up with his father in a suburb.

Marshall said he moved to Mississippi to play football because his father was a coach there.

Their relationship began when Swearings mother, Melissa Bursch, was killed in a car crash when he and Marshall were 16.

They were inseparable and the two had to make a living playing in the same league together.

The relationship grew when Swearsinger was a freshman, Marshall a sophomore and the foursome all playing together for the team that eventually won the national championship in 2016.

Marshall and Swearsingers younger sister, Ashley, have been close since then.

Marshall was a wide receiver for the Rebels, and Swearlings younger sister has become a star on the football team.

The family has been together for more than two decades.

Marshall has two grown children and three grandchildren, while Swearsings son, Austin, is the defensive line coach at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Their father and older brother were both on the same team in the NFL, but their families were separated when Swadesons father was shot in the head and killed by police in 2012.

His younger brother, Tyler, was convicted of shooting a police officer in the neck, then serving three years in prison.

Swearsinger said the brothers have had some tough moments, but his family has also had some moments of “aplomb.”

Marshall said his father’s death made him realize that his father had made some mistakes.

Marshalls father, Steve Marshall, was shot by police outside his home on Sept. 25, 2014.

He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

A grand jury indicted Swearsinging son, Swearsing Jr., for his role in the shooting, and a jury found Tyler and Tyler’s brother, Travis, not guilty.

Swainings mother was shot and killed in January 2016.

Her daughter, who was born in the U, has lived in the family for more the last few years.

The two lived together for a year after her death before moving to Georgia.

Swainsinger said that, like his parents, his father made mistakes and was not always a good person.

He said he was always a man of integrity, which is important to him.

He said he does not regret those mistakes and said he never saw himself as a victim.

Swearsinges mother died when she was a little girl.

He and his father are married.

Marshal said his mother has been in and out of rehab and is now back home in Georgia.

He has been working with his mother on his recovery and hopes to be able to play for the University at some point.

Marshall is hoping to get drafted by an NFL team.

He also said his parents are good friends.