We’re not talking about the Auburn Recruiting Rankings or the upcoming football recruiting rankings, we’re talking about Auburn football recruiting.

The 2018 recruiting class is still very much a work in progress, but it is shaping up to be one of the best ever, and there are many who believe the 2017 class is the best in the history of the sport.

Auburn is one of five schools in the country that can recruit the best players from anywhere in the nation.

But the program also has one of most talented rosters in the sport, and that has been a major asset for the program over the past decade.

This year Auburn has the opportunity to put together one of its greatest recruiting classes in its history, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Tigers are projected to finish with more than $200 million in cap space next year, and they have the ability to recruit the next generation of talent.

Let’s take a look at how each of the recruiting classes for 2018 will stack up:1.

Alabama – 5th, $184.4M in cap room.2.

Auburn – 6th, more than that, $187.4 million.3.

Ohio State – 7th, less than $190 million.4.

LSU – 8th, not much, $180 million.5.

Auburn’s 2017 class was the most talented in the SEC, and it was also the most undervalued, and its 2018 class is expected to be even more talented than the 2017 one.6.

Florida State – 9th, projected to have about $180m in cap money.7.

Clemson – 10th, about $190m.8.

Notre Dame – 11th, just under $200m.9.

Oregon – 12th, expected to have some $150m in caps, but not much more.10.

Michigan – 13th, some $175m.11.

Ohio – 14th, still a lot of money, but less than the others.12.

Georgia – 15th, close to $200M, but its the least overvalued in the bunch.13.

Oklahoma – 16th, almost $300m, but still more undervalued.14.

Stanford – 17th, very much in the middle, about the same as last year.15.

LSU, Florida, and USC – 18th, all under $300M, with the SEC’s top three teams projected to be under $400M.16.

Washington – 19th, the Pac-12’s top five, with Arizona projected to likely be in the top half of the pack.17.

Georgia Tech – 20th, USC likely to be in last place, with some uncertainty.18.

Louisville – 21st, a couple of big-name players on the way, but probably not much in this class.19.

Auburn, Clemson, and Ohio State are projected as the top five teams in the 2018 recruiting rankings.20.

Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Louisville, Oregon, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech are projected in the mid-30s.