Husker players who owe more than $50,000 in taxes will be able to get the money back from their parents, the University of Nebraska announced Tuesday.

“We believe our current system is unfair and inequitable, so we will continue to work with legislators to ensure that all eligible taxpayers will have the opportunity to get their taxes paid by their parents,” University President Michael Crow said in a statement.

The Nebraska Taxpayer Advocate said the decision is a “major step in the right direction” to help taxpayers.

The group has been pushing for the federal government to provide refunds to taxpayers who owe taxes and said it will continue working with lawmakers to create a system that better reflects the nation’s tax code.

“This is a significant victory for taxpayers who want to pay their fair share,” said Matthew Wurfel, president of the group.

“The tax code is complicated and complicated, and our goal is to make it as simple and fair as possible for taxpayers to understand their obligations under the law,” Wurffel added.