On Saturday afternoon, I was walking across the parking lot of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Regional Hospital in North Carolina to catch a movie at the movie theater when I stopped at a light at the corner of E Street and State Highway 8.

As I turned the corner, I saw the police cars in full gear in the parking lane.

It took a few moments for me to realize that this was not a robbery gone wrong.

I stepped out of the car and went to look at the cars behind me.

I saw a silver Chevrolet Malibu.

It was the one with the hood and roof rolled up.

As it passed me, I could see that it was speeding, but I didn’t see anyone in the vehicle.

It made no sense.

At the end of the light, I walked into the movie.

I sat down and watched the movie on the big screen in the backseat.

It looked great.

It wasn’t a good movie, but the fact that it wasn’t the one that I was in doesn’t make me any less of a fan of the Tar Heels.

I didn’st notice anything different until I got to the end.

When I got home that night, I found out that I had missed a lot of Tar Heel football games in the past year.

I was disappointed, because I was so excited to watch them again on Saturday night.

What makes Tar Heeled football so exciting is the excitement of being on the field.

When the Tarheels play, fans cheer and they yell for the offense.

This is a great time to be a Tar Heeling.

That is what the fans have come to expect.

This was the third game I have been to as a Tarheel fan and the first game I was not completely sold on the Tar Sheel offense.

I watched the game in my head and couldn’t see anything different.

I knew that I would like the offense to do well.

I liked how they ran the ball in the second half, but it didn’t feel as though they had any kind of spark on offense.

Tar Heed’s offense has been the focal point of the offense since it became an FBS program in 2008.

This year, they are averaging 4.5 yards per carry and are scoring 29 points per game.

The offense has struggled to run the ball when the offense is struggling, but they have been very efficient when they are scoring.

Tar Sheeds quarterback Jacoby Brissett leads the team with 8 touchdown passes this year.

The Tar Heeds are averaging 39.7 yards per game and are allowing 38.6 yards per contest.

The offensive line has struggled, as they are allowing 6.9 sacks per game, but that has not helped the offense in the short term.

The running game has been struggling.

It is averaging 2.7 carries for every carry they allow.

Tar sheeds running backs have been struggling with drops in the passing game.

It has been a problem because they are making the ball too easy for defenses.

The defensive line has been getting beat a lot.

When they are in the game, they have given up 7.5 sacks per contest and the quarterback is completing 60.7 percent of his passes.

This team is a little different than the team we have seen in recent years.

There is a reason they are not winning titles anymore.

In 2016, the Tarsheeds finished fourth in the ACC and the team was expected to be good.

They did not do that.

I thought that the TarHeels offense would improve when they had more success.

They improved, but this is the first time that they haven’t been winning titles and I am very disappointed in the team.

The players that are leaving and the coaches are leaving are hurting the program.

I feel like there is no way this program is going to be able to survive without these players.

This season is really important for this program.

This offense has not been successful this year because they have not been winning the big games.

The fans are frustrated, because they feel like the coaching staff is leaving the team for better opportunities elsewhere.

This can’t happen.

The coaches have to leave because they need to be coaching in a different environment, which means they need a new coach.

Tarheeds fans need to understand that this program can’t be sustainable in a way that it has been in the last few years.

They need to go back to the drawing board and rebuild.

I have always loved this program and I hope that this team can get back to being an ACC champion this year and have some good wins next year.

Tar heeds fans are going to have to wait a little while to see if that happens.

They are going back to a coaching staff that is not going to change much.

If the TarSheeds can win at least two more games than they did in 2016, they could be a contender for the Atlantic 10 championship.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to the Tar