BT Sport has revealed how to get a BT Sport BT Sport Premium subscription for £6.99 a month.

The deal also includes BT Sport GO, which will offer live scores from the top 20 BT Sport Premier League matches.

It’s worth noting that this is an all-access subscription, meaning you’ll still get access to all BT Sport Sport content and all the live scores, but only for one BT Sport account.

For the full list of BT Sport packages available, go here: BT Sport and BT Sport Sports.

The new BT Sport deal will be available to all people who already subscribe to BT Sport or the Sports Direct app, or those who have an existing BT Sport plan, from 1 July 2018.

The price will remain the same for those who do not have an app.

The move to BT Sports Premium will see the BT Sport app on BT Sport TV in more than 80 countries, including:The BT Sport App is available for free to BT customers in the UK and Ireland, and to the UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Spain and the Netherlands.

It also includes an all day pass for £1.99 per day.

The BT Sports app is also available to watch on other platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Chromecast and Xbox 360, as well as the new Apple TV Stick.

The £6 fee will apply to new BT Sports subscriptions, but will not apply to existing subscriptions.

The BBC will also be able to watch highlights on BT Sports Premier League coverage.

BT Sport’s current TV channel lineup also includes BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC One HD, BBC Five, BBC Six, BBC Seven, BBC Eight, BBC Nine, BBC Ten, BBC Eleven, BBC Twelve, BBC Seventeen and BBC Twenty.